The Star: Movie Review

Our kids love the excitement of going to the movie theater. There is something special about sitting in those big seats, staring at the massive screen, and hearing the surround sound with its intense volume. The experience is fun for us do together as a family, and I wish we could do it more.

We recently took our children (5, 2.5, 1) to go see The Star, a film based on the birth of Jesus. I loved this movie and our kids sat through it laughing and loving it too!

The characters highlighted in the film are the animals who play a role in the story including a donkey, a sheep, 3 camels, a bird, a few other barn animals. The story of Jesus coming into the world is told from their perspective.

It was cute, funny, and even got me teary-eyed a few times. Although the perspective is from the animals, it very much includes what Mary and Joseph were experiencing. The film doesn’t shy away from prayer, angels, hearing God’s voice, and of course, Jesus!

My children are sensitive to villains. In this movie there is a villain out to get Mary and Baby Jesus, but he wasn’t dramatically scary. He was a big guard who had two mean dogs with him out searching for the coming King. At the end, it is alluded to that the villain dies, but there is shown redemption in his dogs who get to meet Baby Jesus.

This was such a great movie! My kids and I are still talking about it. I recommend this as a great family movie and believe it is appropriate for all ages. I was actually really surprised this film was in theaters and that the quality was so great. The animation was amazing!

Please share about this movie! We need more movies in theaters for children like this one!

Also, if you check out The Star website they have activities like mazes and color pages with scenes from the movie! CLICK HERE!

Watch the trailer:

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