Soul Surfer Review

I have been waiting to see Soul Surfer for a while now, I love watching movies based on true stories.  I had some time to spare so I rented it online through Amazon.  As I began watching the screen I immediately got enveloped into the story, almost forgetting about the reason this movie was made.  Then came the moment when Bethany, a young surfer girl was attacked by a shark.  The scene was dramatic and emotionally painful to watch, as her friends struggled to help get her and themselves safely to shore.  Bethany was hurried to the hospital where the doctors rushed to save her life.  My own insides churned as Bethany’s mother and father were in shock to see their baby girl being brought in on a stretcher.

After Bethany is released from the hospital she mentions her desire to get back into the water.   I thought in that moment, wouldn’t she be scared?  I would be afraid to get back into the water, in fear of the very thing that almost took my life; but not Bethany, she had courage.  The movie continues to show how Bethany approaches life limited by only one arm.  Her inspiring passion to do what she loves without fear left me in tears.  Even when Bethany questioned why God would allow this to happen, she searched and searched, instead of giving up in self-pity.  The movie also revealed a very powerful relationship between Bethany’s parents.  As husband and wife, difficulties come and response is required, and these two, amidst a traumatic event involving their daughter were able to respond to each other in love.  There were many scenes that showed their love for one another and the love they shared for their children.  The marriage foundation will determine how a family responds to life, and for the Hamilton’s, their faith in God carried them through!

Bethany mentions that the Lord working in mysterious ways is an understatement!  I fully agree.  She also says that the most important thing in this world is Love, which is bigger than any tidal wave and more powerful than any fear.  After Bethany challenges her limitation and proves she can still surf, the media bombards her.  They begin to ask her questions including why she thinks this happened to her.  She responds by saying, “I have the opportunity to embrace more people than I ever could have with two arms!” That is a very inspiring message coming from a young girl who could have easily been defeated.  Yet her faith gave her the courage and the ability to rise up above any fear and understand compassion.

The very end of the movies ends with Bethany sharing this,

“Life is like surfing.  When you get caught in the impact zone, you need to get right back up, because you never know what’s over the next wave.  And if you have faith, anything is possible, anything at all.”

This movie is so inspiring and reminds us that we need faith in God.  I am so excited that there are such great movies out there, revealing the message of hope to so many!

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