A Sneak-Peek At My Script For The Unveiled Wife Book Trailer!

With the excitement growing around my new book The Unveiled Wife, due to release March 2015, I could not wait to dive into the production of the book trailer. I viewed the book trailer as an opportunity to share with the world the message of the book in a very creative way that would deeply touch people’s hearts.

I spent hours contemplating, dreaming, and praying how God wanted this project to come together. My hope is that it is captivating, relatable, and encourages wives in a beautiful way…all while buildingĀ the excitement for the release of the book!

Being a part of the Unveiled Wife Community, I wanted to share with you the opening part of the script for the book trailer – a very intimate letter I wrote – Enjoy!

I remember the way my young heart desired to be loved, wanted, and cherished.

I remember the more I got to know you, the more I believed you were truly the one.

You told me I was beautiful and that you loved me, but I struggled to fully believe you, even though I desperately wanted too. The walls that I had put up in my heart to protect myself from pain and disappointment, are the same walls that kept you at a distance.

I wanted to share with you the deepest parts of me…but I was afraid.

Would you leave me? Would you reject me? Would you judge me? Would you still think I was beautiful? Even after knowing the real me?

Despite my fears, I wanted a perfect life, so I did what I thought would guarantee those things.

When you asked me to share my life with you, I promised to be yours alone.book-trailer-peek

Blinded by the harsh realities of marriage, my expectations of a perfect life were crushed by hardship, pain, and loneliness.

I resented my choice to vow to you forever. I resented you.

In my anger I avoided you. I hated the woman I had become and I blamed you for my misery. I blamed you for everything.

I yelled at you, I lied to you, I walked away from you, I believed life would be better without you.

My insecurities only mounted as I hid from you. As I refused intimacy and withheld it as ransom for my happiness….


The Unveiled Wife Book Trailer will be available to view and share later this month. In the meantime please take the opportunity to experience a 5-Day Marriage Devotion based on the book called:

Embrace True Intimacy

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