Simple Ways To Tell Your Spouse I Love You!

This morning I spent some time on Pinterest and a photograph caught my eye – a photo that I have seen quite a few times circulating before, but for some reason I was captivated by its message.


“i love you”

Said so simply, yet so beautifully.

As I read those three powerful words, I thought to myself, “I love you” can be said so simply, yet how often do I allow opportunities to pass by to say them in marriage?

I admit I get stumped when I try and think of creative ways to say those words to my husband, but I want to try more.  I desire to be a wife that never gives up on sharing these words in a captivating way that will prove to my husband I love him just as much as the first time I said those words to him… if not more!

Let’s help each other out!  Below are a few simple ways I found on Pinterest to say “I love you!”  {Please add to these with any creative suggestions you have by sharing in the comments or linking up!}

Feel free to share these with your husband as ways he can say to you “I love you!”

– Pick a flower and tape a small tag to it that says “I love you”


– Use a pen to write on the tips of your spouse’s fingers on their left hand I O E O and then write on the tips of their left hand L V Y U – then have them put their fingers together to see the whole message!


– Use a small spiral notebook to share an alphabet “I love you” book.  Each page should have a large letter and underneath it write a reason you love your spouse.


– Print out the words: I love you because… on a cool paper and place in a favorite frame – set it where your spouse will see it (a night stand or kitchen counter) then use a dry erase marker to write why you love your spouse.  You can also use a chalk board.



– Take a picture of yourself signing “I love you” and send it in a text to your spouse!  I did this once and made my husband’s day!


– Say it with food!  One example is a getting a piece of bread, butter both sides, cut out the middle in the shape of a heart, put it in a pan and crack an egg in the middle!  So good and says “I love you!”


– Share mirror messages!  When the steam of the shower covers the mirror say “I love you” so that when your spouse takes a shower next your message will appear!  My husband recently did this for me and it melted my heart! You could also use a dry erase marker on the mirror!


These are just a few ways to tell your spouse I love you!  Let me know if you use any of these ideas or if you have any of your own that would be great ideas to share with the UW Community.

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