Simple Ways To Spend Time With Your Husband

ways-intimacySpending quality time with your spouse is a must! Your marriage is significant and needs to be nurtured to maintain healthy. Do not let excuses like “We are just busy” get in the way of what really matters.

Your husband matters. You matter!

So be intentional today to do at least one of these simple ways of spending time with your husband:

1. Don’t be too serious. Tell jokes, play, laugh! Life can definitely present seasons of hardships, but we need to keep a positive perspective to avoid becoming a nagging spouse. Be creative and be willing to have fun amidst the hardships!

2. Do something together.  Find a project you can work on together like a house fix, a hobby, a gift for someone, ect. Being present together will affirm your friendship and will stimulate great conversation as you work side by side.

3. Get physical every day. Even if it is just holding hands! Although I mentioned that intimacy is not just physical, being physical definitely helps couples enter into that place of trust and love.

For the full list of 7 please see my article on The Better Mom:

My 7 Favorite Ways To Cultivate Intimacy In MarriageMy-7-Favorite-Ways-To-Cultivate-Intimacy-In-Marriage

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