Serving You Is A Blessing

I’ve been on a journey as a wife. Over the last 10 years I have been learning about what it means to be a wife and how to embrace this role that I have. Being a wife doesn’t just affect me, it affects my husband and it affects my children.

Every day for the last year, in some way, I have been confronted with the reality that I am not living just for myself. That truth has not always been easy for me to accept. But there have also been a ton of moments where that realization sinks into my soul and finds a cozy spot to be appreciated.

I love being a wife and mother. I love having people fill my home. The noise, the action, the love. Not just any people, my people, who trust me, love me, count on me, challenge me, and encourage me.

The day in and day out of our routine, the cleaning up after, the planning for, the playing…it is all so worth it. I get to serve my family. The Lord has trusted me with His people. He has brought them into my life, each one an incredible gift.

I get to serve my family. And it is a blessing!

It blesses me to maintain all that goes into running a home with my husband. It blesses me to have a husband who admires me and appreciates the help that I offer him. It blesses me to have children who make sure every day to look me in the eye, call me by name, and make me feel invaluable…whether they mean to do that or not. My husband and my children are gifts, and I want to handle with care.

I wish I recognized this more than I do.

I wish I remembered that serving them is a blessing when the unintentional messes flurry from room to room, or when I am called for help when I just sit down, or when the day doesn’t go exactly as I prepared for it. I wish I didn’t overlook the significant role I play in the lives those God has entrusted to me.

This is my reminder to myself…that serving is a blessing. It is a blessing to those on the receiving end, it blesses me to give and to help, and it blesses the Lord knowing that He can use me as His hands and feet to love His dearly beloved.

Keep using me Lord. And please help me to always remember that serving you is a blessing.

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