Seeing The Statue Of Liberty In NYC

When we were on the east coast this last fall, Eliott asked us if we would be seeing the Statue of Liberty. It is one of those iconic pieces of history that catches his eye quickly whether it is in a book or in a commercial or in Red Robin! He is fascinated by her.

We knew we would be spending some time in upstate New York for a few days, but we were not sure if we would make it to the city. We were planning on flying out of New Jersey so I thought at best we could see her on our way to the airport.

Turns out we ended staying a night in NYC! It all worked out so wonderfully. Not only did we take the kids on one of those cruise ships to see Lady Liberty up close in the harbor, we also surprised them with a visit to the Museum of Natural History near Central Park. That museum was a highlight for the kids, there is so much to explore!

When we boarded the cruise to sail the harbor through Statue Cruises, we went to the New Jersey side at Liberty State Park. Parking was ample and it was a quick walk to the station, which is beautiful! You also get a cool skyline view of the city across the water!

Here’s the catch…I didn’t plan this out good enough because you can reserve a ticket to get off at Liberty Island and Ellis Island, but you need several hours to do it as the boats come and go. Just staying on the boat for the view took us about an hour or so to complete. Also, you you book in advance you could get a ticket up to Lady Liberty’s crown! I had to tell Eliott and Olive, “Next time!”

Here is a short vlog of Lady Liberty (You got to see and hear how Olive says her name it is adorable!) and photos below!

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