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The other day my husband mentioned a movie he wanted to see called Risen. I had not heard about it, so I did a quick search to watch the trailer. I share the trailer below for you to check out. After previewing the film, I knew I wanted to see it with my husband because I enjoy seeing faith-based films and anything related to Jesus up on the big screen. It inspires me to visually see what I know from the Bible and I think it is pretty neat that others get to have that kind of exposure to the Gospel.

Something I have been wanting to share for a while pertaining to faith-based movies:

I know some people like to argue whether a faith-based movie is acceptable based on whether it is Biblically accurate…however, I believe the Word of God first and foremost, not a movie. Nothing can replace or substitute the Word of God. Yet, I can enjoy a movie and how a director and producer team up to interpret what they know, and depict how they feel will make a good movie. I can distinguish the truth through the filter of God’s Word, and I think we need to see movies for what they are…entertainment. Whether or not every detail in a movie is Biblically accurate, we can be inspired by a piece of work like this, just like we can a song or a painting or other art.

With this said, I loved the film. I thought it was an awesome perspective shared. Having viewed movies such a Passion of the Christ, which portrays Jesus’ experience going to cross, the perspective tackled in Risen focuses on what happened after Christ’s death and resurrection.

It is a story of a man in the Roman military who leads a manhunt to find the body of Jesus. It is a story of a man, a non-believer, encountering the truth and awesome power of our Lord.risen

This movie was well made and the actors did well. This movie does have violence and blood, for this reason I would recommend this movie for anyone 13 years of age and older. And as for anyone like me who does not enjoy blood and gore, know that it is not too bad, it is not gruesome. 

The main character, Clavius, is the Tribune, the right hand military man to Pontus Pilot and he is ordered to secure, then later find, the body of Jesus, to prevent what Jesus’ proclaimed before His death about resurrecting. Even though this man is not a follower of Jesus, his pursuit is for the truth. As he investigates the situation, he requests each person he talks with to tell the truth.

I believe that when any man or woman pursues the truth in life, it will lead them to Jesus, it will lead them to God. The Bible quotes Jesus saying,

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

I was encouraged by this main character pursuing the truth of the situation and seeing his conviction of why the truth is so substantial.

There was a line in the movie that Clavius says that stood out to me. Right after Clavius encounters Jesus on his hunt for the body, he abandons his role as Tribune to follow the disciples to Galilee and leaves a note behind for Pontus Pilot…

I have seen two things which I cannot reconcile: A man dead without question, and that same man alive again. I pursue Him, the Nazarene, to ferret the truth.”

It was interesting to see from a man’s perspective what it must have been like in that moment, in that time, to hear about who Jesus was and what He proclaimed He would do after His death, then see Jesus alive again. Even for the disciples to have witnessed this…what a powerful miracle that took place!

This fresh vantage point of Christ’s death and resurrection, as well as the depiction of the disciples and their relationship with Christ’s was inspiring. Half way through the movie I found myself weeping. It was incredible to visually see the joy in Simon (Peter’s) heart when he realizes that Jesus has appeared to them. It is one thing to read about it in the Word and then to visualize it through a movie. It was reaffirming to me.

This is the cool part…what a movie like this can spark:

After the movie my husband and I sat in the car for a few minutes. We asked each other what we thought of the film. I told my husband it reminded me of the power of Christ and how sometimes we forget. We know the truth but we know it so well we don’t consider it deeply everyday. This reminder struck my heart and encouraged my faith. It also revealed to me that I could know God even more, even closer. My husband agreed and added that it revealed to him that he desires to love Christ like the disciples did. The film challenged us to go deeper in our relationship with God. It also inspired us to pray right there in the car and ask God to help us experience more intimacy with Him.

After we prayed I went live to share about it, watch:

Just saw Risen Movie and this is what I have to say about it.The most important thing you will ever hear me say…. #RisenMovie

Posted by Unveiled Wife on Friday, February 26, 2016

I urge you to watch this film with your husband and be sure to talk about it afterward. And if you have older children (13 and up), consider showing them the film after you have watched it and ask them their thoughts about it.

Watch the Risen trailer:

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