Proof That There Is Hope After Betrayal


Over a year ago God put a passion in my heart to begin Unveiled Wife.  I really had no concept of its potential until it unfolded over this last year.  I also had no idea the impact I was making in other wives lives, I just felt a call to be obedient and so I poured my all into keeping up with it.  Every once in a while I receive such a huge encouragement and revelation of how God is using Unveiled Wife to restore marriages.  Below is a recent letter from a wife who shared with me a very endearing heart-felt thank you and testimony of what God has done in her and her marriage!

Dear Unveiled Wife,

I hope this email is able to express the gratitude I have in my heart, for your commitment to encourage wives and help build a God centered marriage even through the tough times.

I discovered Unveiled Wife a few months back when I learned that my husband had cheated on me. My world and heart was shattered. I was too ashamed and hurt to speak to anyone, including my family and friends. The first few days I was on my knees hourly in prayer, clutching to Gods Word only.  Seeking out God, first and foremost He gave me strength to at least act rationally.

I did not kick my husband out, we have young children and I needed him there to help me manage a normal routine for them. He willingly stayed and expressed his regret and guilt, and continued to be a good father to the kids. He took complete responsibility for his actions.

After about a week I started searching online for information on what the next step was.

Can a marriage survive, is there hope after betrayal?

Well, as I’m sure your aware there is an overload of conflicting information out there, so I narrowed my search by typing in a plea to God instead… I wrote:

‘God please help this hurting wife, guide me to a site that will help me, to either mend or end my marriage according to your will for his infidelity has confused me’

While Unveiled Wife was not the first on the list, it was the first site I opened. I absorbed about 80% of your site within hours, I was hooked, I was encouraged, and out of the ashes came hope.

God revealed to me that I wanted my marriage, and I wanted it with my husband.  He revealed that my husband is a gift regardless of his sin. I decided to begin forgiving my husband and work on reconciliation.

Your articles, Facebook posts, and guidance challenged me daily. Along with pastoral marriage counseling and of course God, our marriage is healing and a lot faster than I expected. While we still have a fair bit to work through, I trust our God and believe that our marriage will one day be better than what it was before this. And my husband is now on the journey that leads to the narrow path!!

I wanted to let you know that your encouragement has had a big part in this possibility. I wanted to thank you for being faithful to your purpose and our Father God. By your encouragement and sharing of God’s Word I have been able to demonstrate God’s love as much as humanly possible for me.

I could go on all night about how much of a blessing your work has been. Thank you again.


A Thankful Wife

I think it is so amazing how a wife googled a plea, a prayer to God, and He answered by guiding her to Unveiled Wife.  I am also blessed knowing that she and her husband are on a path of reconciliation!  Praise God!!  My prayer is that this testimony, this proof that there is hope after betrayal, encourages other wives who have struggled with betrayal.

If you have a testimony about how Unveiled Wife has encouraged you in being a wife, being a Christian, or how it has helped your marriage please share in the comments below!

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