Pregnant With Excitement Over These Two Announcements!

announcementsFor the last few years I have contemplated and attempted to write out my story of the hardships I endured as a new wife, the discovery of how the environment affected my body, and how God’s redeeming love captivated my heart and transformed me and my marriage.

It was very difficult to revisit the marriage moments that almost tore us apart, but I needed to face each one courageously as I penned my journey.

Why? Because I know I am not the only wife who thought, felt, and experienced the things I endured, although at the time I felt utterly alone in our crisis.

My heart is passionate about “Unveiling” my journey and to be the one to flip the light switch on in the room to reveal just how many of us there actually are, suffering silently in this dark world.

Writing out my story has been a project I have prayerfully worked towards and carried with me day in and day out since launching – like a baby in a mother’s womb being knit together by the hand of God – waiting to be formed, patiently waiting for the moment of delivery. In many ways I see my story, woven tightly together in the pages of a book, as my baby…an endearing sentiment of our marriage story…parts of me and parts of my husband¬†becoming one.

The Unveiled Wife Book is a testimony of the power of God and how He reconciled and restored my marriage. I felt God ask me to write it and I fought Him many times, unsure if what I had to share really mattered. When I was obedient to His calling, He made a way for it to come to be with Tyndale Momentum Publishing. My hope is that the purpose of this book draws people closer to Him and that married couples are inspired to center their marriage on His truth. May God receive the glory!

After much labor of love the due date has been set. March 3rd, 2015, The Unveiled Wife Book will be available. I am overjoyed, yet nervous about this happening.

The Unveiled Wife Community has been so gracious in supporting me along the way. THANK YOU! I would really appreciate your continued prayers for this project and that God gets into the hands that need it! And for any of you who are just as excited as I am over this news, you can PRE-ORDER NOW!

As much as I am intimately connected with this book project, nothing compares to the actual miracle of a baby being formed in the womb. And as much as I am looking forward to March…I am REALLY looking forward to April 2015 as my husband and I just found out we will be having baby #2! My heart is too full it is exploding!! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be pregnant again and I am having fun trying to explain it to my almost two year old!

These two announcements have been burning in my heart and I am so relieved to share them with you! I view you all as family, a community of amazing women that have encouraged me and blessed me in so many ways. I am honored to be able to share these with you and I appreciate you celebrating with me!

**I realize there is a ton of baby talk in this post and I also realize there are many women in our community who have experienced difficulty with pregnancy or with an inability to get pregnant. Although I would love for the community to celebrate with me in my announcements, I do not want to overlook those of you who are painfully suffering in these areas. I would love to take a moment to pray for you.

Dear Lord,

As honored as I am to be able to carry a child, my heart aches for women who desire to get pregnant but for any reason cannot. I pray Your blessing over them. May Your peace wash over them. Wrap them in Your strong arms, comfort them, and remind them of Your purpose for them. God, I ask that You would open their wombs and anoint them with the ability to get pregnant and have healthy children. But more so I pray for Your will to be done in their lives and in their marriage. Please do not allow disappointment or discontent to cloud around them and please may it never cause a chasm in their marriages. Again, I pray for Your precious will to be done in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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