Prayer Of The Day : Wives Attending Church Solo

Dear Lord,

You know each of our hearts and you know where we are at.  You know every feeling we are facing, every trial that burdens, and every blessing that we are given.  You deem us valuable and worthy, despite what we think of ourselves.  Thank you!  I pray for wives today and I pray that You remind each one of their value.  Please overwhelm each one of us with Your precious love.  I pray for the wives who are attending church solo, the one’s who are seeking after You passionately.  May you bless them for their perseverance they have, especially when their spouse is not on the same page.  I pray that You bless her faith and use her example to prompt her husband.  May he be curious in her faith and find a desire himself to attend along side her.  I pray that more couples would get involved in church and support the body of Christians who are serving to make this world a better place.  May testimony after testimony ring true of your power and your gospel in Jesus Name AMEN!

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