Prayer: Trusting Your Spouse

Dear God,

I come to You today and thank You for my marriage. There are so many different seasons we face in marriage, yet keeping You at the center of it helps us get through anything. Thank You for everything, the good, the more challenging, the fun , and the sad. All that we experience in marriage and life builds on our character. Please continue to transform husbands and wives, showing us how to unconditionally love. I specifically pray for our hearts to be healed, restored, and renewed. Help us to trust our spouse. Give us confidence in our spouse, whether in getting something done, managing, be loyal and faithful, or being intimate. Whatever the situation or circumstance help all of us to trust our spouse. If for any reason husbands or wives are abusing trust, manipulating, lying, or being deceitful, please speak to them and bring them to repentance. Change them Lord, correct their character, and restore trust again in Jesus’ name Amen!

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