Prayer: The Soldier’s Wife

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the men who sacrifice their life for the protection of others.  Thank You for their courage.  Please protect them as they serve, comfort their hearts while away from their families, and affirm their faith daily.  We also pray for their wives who wait patiently everyday until they are reunited.  Thank You for these wives, who sacrifice a large majority of their marital relationship, knowing the good that will come from it.  Bless them for the courage they have to stand firm, especially those that are carrying children or raising children.  Please continue to strengthen these women, comforting them as they are bombarded daily with doubts and insecurities.  Equip them to push those thoughts aside, and have faith in what You have given them.  May You keep both husbands and wives eyes from being tempted while away from their spouse.  Bind their love and make it a strong bond that will always prevail.  We also pray for the wives who have lost their husbands during active service, please send Your Holy Spirit to comfort those disheartened.  Overwhelm them with Your love and mend their broken hearts.  We pray that in every husband and wife Your will be done in Jesus Name AMEN!

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