Prayer Of The Day : The Desire To Parent

Dear Heavenly Father,

Since the beginning of time, you have created us with the ability to be a parent.  Some people may not have a strong desire to be a parent, but for those of us who do, we submit our desire before you.  We pray that your will is done and in your timing.  Help us to be patient, trusting that you are preparing us for that day.  For those who have been trying to conceive or those who have lost their children, please comfort their hearts.  Reveal understanding to their situations and remind them that all things work well for those that love you!  You are our Father, you are a loving parent, you even endured losing your son, and I don’t know if we can comprehend the depths of what you have felt.  But you have given us the same opportunity to experience a role, that you yourself know very well.  Please teach us how to be a good parent, and raise our children in your ways in Jesus name AMEN!

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