Prayer: Stop Listening To Lies & Receive Truth

Dear God,

Thank You for this beautiful day You have made. Thank You for all the women You have created and thank You for the role we have as wives. We pray for the wives who feel discouraged, neglected, abused, or dissatisfied. We pray for the wives who feel sad, frustrated, bitter, or jealous. We pray for the wives who feel unworthy, lost, lonely, or unattractive. We pray for the wives who feel overwhelmed, insecure, suspicious, or doubtful. May You meet each one of us where we are at right now and let Your Holy Spirit fall upon us.  Comfort us, restore us, fill us with Your love, joy, and strength. Thank You for being faithful when we are faithless, please help us to be more like You. Reveal to us our worth, our beauty, and our purpose. May You use the people in our lives to encourage us and keep us accountable to the call of Holy living. May our husbands intercede for us, comfort us, affirm us, and love us unconditionally.  Guard our hearts from the lies and deceitfulness of the enemy and help us to receive Your truth in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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