Prayer: Standing Against Alcoholism

Dear God,

I come to You in anguish over the hold alcohol has over people. Marriages have been rocked by it, relationships have been destroyed by it, abusive behavior has been fueled by it, children live in fear because of it, and people die because they are slave to it. I stand against alcoholism through faith in prayer and claim freedom from it! I pray that the shackles that so ensnare people with alcohol would be broken! I pray for protection from it and self-control to flee temptation. I pray specifically for wives who struggle with alcoholism. Please help them find freedom in You Lord. I pray that You would meet them where they are right now and let Your Holy Spirit fall on them. Open their eyes and let them see. If there is any alcohol in there system, remove it and replace it with Your righteousness! Before they are tempted, please step in and remove the desire Lord, giving them the ability to say NO! I also pray for husbands who struggle with alcoholism. I pray that You would divinely intervene, cleansing them of the stronghold alcohol has on their life. Lord, please let Your Spirit fall on them in a miraculous way, healing them and freeing them from this bondage so that they can lead their family. I stand against the enemy and claim God’s mighty power and presence over our families. May You send encouragements to those who need help, give Your strength to help them fight it, send peace to overcome any changes in their body and release restoration in Jesus’ Holy Name AMEN!

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