Prayer Of The Day – Spending Time In Church

Dear Lord,

We pray over couples who are not walking in your ways.  We pray that you capture their hearts and turn them towards you.  Reveal to them how much better marriage is and was intended to be with you at the center of it.  We lift up couples who know you but do not spend time in fellowship with others, such as going to church.  May you draw them close to you and plug them into a good church.  May marriages be transformed by the relationships formed at church, and may children see a good example of living, commitment, and faithfulness from parents who are consistent in going to church.  However, help all of us who do go to church to not get caught up in the mundane routine of it.  Show us how we can interact with others, get involved in ministry, and serve!  May we be a people that encourages your body of faithful believers and receive encouragement ourselves in Jesus name AMEN!

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