Prayer: Sowing Gratitude In Marriage

Dear God,

I know there are times that I complain, that I compare, covet, and harbor unthankfulness… for all of those times I am truly sorry. I repent from being negative towards the gifts You have graciously given me and I choose to sow gratitude. Thank You for my husband. Thank You for his unique ways and our imperfect relationship. Thank You for showing us how to forgive and love deeply. I choose to sow gratitude so that I may leave a legacy of love in my family! Thank You Lord for not giving up on me. Thank You for opening my eyes to the healing power of having a thankful heart. I also pray that my husband is thankful for all that we have and that together we will live in peace and unity. I pray that our love grows deeper and deeper everyday. Remove any residual affects of resentment or bitterness, refresh us O Lord in Your Son’s name AMEN!

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