Prayer: Snoring

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my husband. Thank you for the life we get to share as one flesh. I am amazed at all the different seasons we have endured together. You have given us a strong love and it continues to grow. I lift up other marriages to you right now and ask that you would strengthen their love. Teach husbands and wives how to invest into their marriage. Remind them that their relationship is a priority. There are so many great things that come with marriage, as well as a few annoyances. I specifically pray for husbands and wives who snore. Please help them to not snore so that they and their spouse will experience peaceful rest through the night. I am lifting them up to you because I know there are couples struggling because of this issue. It causes restlessness, frustration, and can lead to lack of patience in other areas of marriage. Please heal this issue for the couples that experience snoring as an issue. If not the one who snores, then the one who gets disturbed by it. Remind these couples that snoring is not the worst thing that could be happening and teach them to embrace all of marriage joyfully and respectfully in Jesus name AMEN!

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