Prayer: Romance In Marriage

Dear Lord,

Thank You for my beautiful family. My husband has truly been a blessing in my life. He is my best friend and intimate lover. Thank You for giving me someone who is so in love with You! You have used my husband to teach me quite a bit about myself and life in general. Although I am passionately in love with my husband, I feel like he does not always know or remember to romance me. I have needs of romance and pursuit that I want my husband to fulfill, so Lord I ask that You inspire him. Give him a dose of creativity and the courage to pursue me passionately. May You give him kind words, a tenderness of heart, and a willingness to be extravagant in how he shows me that he loves me. In the meantime, please help me to pursue him regardless of his response, or reciprocation. Help me not to become bitter if I feel neglected or unloved. Lord, may romance be evident in our marriage in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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