Prayer Of The Day : Ripe Marriages

Dear Heavenly Father,

We lift up marriages that keeping celebrating anniversaries.  The ripe marriages, where husbands and wives are committed to the vows they spoke on their wedding day and despite hardships, endure a loving relationship.  May you bless these couples, overflowing their hearts with joy.  May you ignite a flame of passion that never goes out.  We pray that they continue strong, keeping you at the center of it all.  May you remind them of fond memories they have made with each other of the years, rekindling the love that brought them together.  Give them a humble attitude where they are able to learn even more about marriage in the years to come than they have ever known before.  Bless the couples who set great examples for others by living out their vows daily.  We pray that all husbands and wives feel cherished, desired, respected and loved in Jesus Name AMEN!

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