Prayer: Resting In God’s Peace

Dear Heavenly Father,

This world is crazy, chaotic, and quick. Everything is fast pace, problems compile, issues simmer, and there seems to be no time to address much of anything, let alone just rest. Evil parades around and takes lives. Terrorism strikes fear in the hearts of everyone. Please give us peace among the chaos in life. I pray that in our culture and in the time we have, we would make it a priority to rest in Your peace. To comfort others who are going through a rough time. To take a break from the never-ending transitions we face, to appreciate life to the fullest. To experience the beauty of creation, the detailed craftsmanship of others and their relationships, to explore with our senses, and find joy in the stillness. Your power rejuvenates, Your soft whispers encourage, Your comfort is warming to the soul, and Your presence is overwhelmingly powerful. However, we will miss out if we don’t stop to rest and soak it up. Please help us to make time to seek You daily. Thank You Lord for Your love.  You truly are amazing and You have gifted me much more than I deserve. May You be blessed by my life, as I have been blessed by Yours in Jesus’ name  AMEN!

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