Prayer: Renewing Love In My Marriage

Dear Lord,

Thank You for my marriage. Thank You for my life and my husband’s life. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You also for helping us diffuse fights when we get upset, comforting us when we grieve, and filling our hearts with joy. You have helped us grow in so many ways. You have given us the strength and ability to quit unhealthy habits, repent of sin, and make strides to change our ways.¬† You have showed us how to become more like You and You have transformed us. Thank You! I pray my husband and I continue to grow into the couple You desire us to be. I pray we can appreciate each other more. I pray we encourage each other more often. I pray for a renewing love to ignite passion in our hearts for one another. I pray each day brings a new kind of love, a more intimate experience, and a connection between us that reinforces¬†our commitment to each other! Please continue to guide us and teach us how to experience more in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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