Prayer Of The Day – Releasing Past Hurts Caused By My Spouse

Dear Lord,

I come before you right now with a humble heart.  For so long I have bottled my emotions, I have stored my hurts on shelves, avoiding the pain instead of letting it go.  I am done.  I am done running and I am done pretending like it doesn’t affect me.  My heart is broken, it has endured a lot, but I trust that if I release it unto you, I will find healing.  I believe that you desire the best for me and that you desire to see me well.  So I let it go.  I let go of the past hurts, the hurts from when I was young, the hurts from loved ones, and the hurt from my spouse.  I lay them at your feet and ask that you restore me.  Clean and purify my heart.  Mend me O Lord.  You are my refuge and my comfort.  Help me not to resurface these or misuse them to manipulate.  Take them from me altogether and make me new.  Help me to truly forgive as you forgive.  Consume every part of me, fill me with your peace, and anoint me with joy in Jesus name AMEN!

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