Prayer: Reconciling With Your Husband

Dear Lord,

Thank You for my husband. We do not always agree or get along, but I am confident that You specifically chose him to be my spouse. I am also confident that You will use our marriage to transform us, to be the husband and wife You desire us to be. We are sharpening each other, even through the fights and the hard times. Thank You for allowing us to go through those difficult times, times of pain and heartache. May Your Holy Spirit comfort us and help us to comfort each other. I pray that You would help me to reconcile with my husband and to bring peace back into our relationship. I pray for other wives as well. May You help them to reconcile with their husband no matter who is at fault. Humble us Lord, take away our pride and anything that keeps Your love from being shared in our marriage. Help us to forgive and extend grace abundantly in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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