Prayer Of The Day – Pursuing Your Husband

Dear Lord,

Thank you for by wonderful husband. I really appreciate having someone to experience life with. We have been through a lot, there have been times that we frustrate each other and times we don’t see each other as wonderful. But I know that you see us as wonderful! Please help me to see my husband as you see him. We also struggle with pursuing intimacy. Life and business fill up our day and we are left exhausted. I pray for change. I pray that you would give us both an intense passion for each other. Please spark my heart with a desire to pursue my husband. To touch him softly when I pass by him, to look him in the eyes more, to listen to his heart and to respond gently. I pray that I would¬†initiate¬†sexual intimacy and that he would respond positively. Our marriage needs it! May you infiltrate our hearts with your incredible love that it may pour out into the way we love each other in Jesus name AMEN!

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