Prayer Of The Day – Overwhelmed To The Extreme

Dear Lord,

I am overwhelmed.  I feel like I have a million and one plates spinning…the dropping of one seems like the beginning of them all falling to floor with giant bangs as they burst into pieces.  As I contemplate the devastation of that happening, I get even more overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning up a mess like that! Now I am not spinning plates, but this is how I feel.  Everything and everyone in my life demanding my attention.  Each one seems like a priority as I truly care about it all…but I am limited on what I can focus on.  Sitting in a pity party on the floor is easier to master at this point.  Unfortunately I am taking my frustration out on my husband.  I am overwhelming him.  How do I stop?  How do I stop looking at all the spinning plates making me nauseous and focus on the plate you have prepared for me?  Please help me Lord.  Take away this feeling of stress and replace it with your peace.  I pray that I would not let anything be a reason for overwhelming my husband.  I lift up my life to you and pray for your Holy Spirit to be my helper in Jesus name AMEN!

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