Prayer: No More Lying

Dear God,

I pray for marriages today. I ask that every marriage would be strengthened. I pray for reconciliation and restoration. I pray that lying would be eradicated from marriages. I pray for husbands and wives who are tempted with lying. I pray that husbands and wives would feel convicted in their hearts about lying, that they would repent and not lie anymore. I pray that they would respect each other by not lying. I pray that they would recognize lies when they come, even thoughts that are lies.  I pray that You cleanse those who struggle with lying, releasing them of this stronghold. I pray Lord, that the art of lying and manipulation would not trickle down as an example to children. Stop it in its tracks! I pray that when a temptation comes to lie that You would bring a verse, encouragement, a way out. I pray that righteousness would abound in the character of husbands and wives. I pray against lying in Jesus’ Name Amen!

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