Prayer Of The Day – Marriages On The Rocks


I lift up marriages today that are facing difficult times.  I pray for husbands to see their wife as beautiful, helpful, and trustworthy.  Give them eyes to see their wife as you see her.  Allow their hearts to be softened, to understand her the way you do, to love her more than anyone ever could, and to experience intimacy that is beyond words.  I pray for wives to see their husband as strong, intelligent, and loyal.  I pray that you allow wives to see their husband as you see him.  Allow her heart to be softened, help her to understand her husband, to love him unconditionally as you do, and to enjoy intimacy with him.  I pray for restoration in relationships.  I pray for peace.  I pray that husbands and wives would have a heart full of gratitude for what they have, and cherish it.  Redeem their love O Lord in Jesus Name AMEN!

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