Prayer Of The Day : Marriage & In-Laws

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the blessing of marriage.  We pray for husbands and wives who are facing a difficult season in their marriage.  May you equip them with what they need to endure this time together.  We pray that you send encouragements to them daily.  We also pray for in-laws.  We pray that in-laws would not be a burden to any married couple.  We pray that in-laws would understand the boundaries that husbands and wives need.  We ask that you would work mightily on behalf of couples who are unsure how to deal with their in-laws.  Bring peace where there is no peace, bring approval where there is no approval, and blessing where there is no blessing!  Give husbands and wives patience in each of their relationships, especially with their in-laws in Jesus Name we pray AMEN!

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