Prayer: Knowing My Faith & Guarding it

Dear Lord,

In a dark world, where faith in You leads to persecution or judgement, please help me to be courageous.  Help me and others to know our faith, to know Your standards, to live by them, and to stand by them, even if it leads to mockery.  Please help us to stand boldly as your disciples did, to explain Your name and Your gospel, to proclaim Your truth.  I pray for some who are under attack right now, asking that You would strengthen and encourage them.  Help us Lord to do Your will, no matter the cost.  Help us not to fear.  May Your Holy Spirit empower us during those crucial times, speaking through us, and letting Your words be made known.  We pray that we know our faith in You, and we pray that You help us guard it against the attacks of the enemy. In Jesus’ name AMEN!

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