Prayer: Initiating Intimacy

Dear God,

You have made marriage such an incredible way of showing another person love. Thank You for the opportunity we have as wives to love our husbands. Sometimes loving our husbands seems complex or difficult. We over think in situations and other times we are just selfish. Help us to find balance in our marriages and the courage to initiate in intimacy. Our culture has a way of romanticizing the men always pursuing and when it doesn’t happen in marriage we are left feeling hurt. Help us to not give up our ability to pursue because of this mentality. Inspire us to initiate and bless our husbands. I also pray that our husbands do pursue us, show us our worthiness, and also initiate intimacy in the most precious of ways. Lord, we lift up our marriages to You and ask the You would help us to revive our sex life in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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