Prayer: Husbands & Wives With Depression

Dear Lord,

Thank You for our lives, thank You for our families, and thank You for another day to worship You! I pray for marriages, specifically husbands and wives who are suffering from depression. Some may struggle with small hindrances of depression that impact certain aspects of life, while others find it so severe that it debilitates their day to day living, affecting every aspect of functionality. I pray for anyone who faces depression and pray in faith that You, Lord, will heal them completely. May You replace whatever the cause of depression is with your joy. I pray that You release them of the depression in Jesus’ Name! We claim healing and restoration!  I pray that husbands and wives would not be hindered to serve and lead their families. May You use their spouses to speak faith and encouragement into their lives daily, giving them the strength that is needed to endure this life.  Thank You Lord for the gift of joy in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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