Prayer: Husbands & Wives Healed From Addiction

Dear Lord,

I come before You today with anguish in my heart. The prevalence of addiction is high. Marriages are falling apart, families are breaking-up, fear is oppressing, and faith is being thwarted. The war of addiction is so damaging, but I come before You today to stand in the gap for those in need. I ask that You intervene in people’s lives who are addicted, whether to pain meds, alcohol, pornography, food, etc…please divinely intervene! May Your power release them of the bondage that entangles them. May Your love wash them clean. Literally remove everything out of their system and give them a fresh start. I pray for a miracle. I pray that these lives would be set free and proclaim Your name for all that You have done! May husbands and wives have the strength to not give into temptation anymore! May they return to their families and lead them with purity and joy! Bring peace, and restoration to this fallen world in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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