Prayer Of The Day : Husbands, Wives & Adoptions

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my life.  Thank you for my husband’s life and thank you for how wonderful our marriage has been.  Thank you for giving us the strength to endure hardships together and thank you for your faithfulness even when we are faithless.  I pray for husbands and wives today.  I pray that you bless them with the strength to endure any circumstance.  I pray that their hearts are filled with joy and love.  I especially lift up husbands and wives who for any reason are finding difficulty conceiving.  Please comfort their hearts and reveal your purpose to them. I also lift up husbands and wives who are currently going through the adoption process.  Please grant them the beauty of a child if it is your will.  Fill their hearts with understanding and patience until your will is done.  I lift up husbands and wives who have already adopted children and ask that you continually grow their bond of family and closeness.  May you bless these families with joy and appreciation for the gifts that you have brought.  I lift up all husbands and wives who want or have children and ask that you be at the center of every relationship.  Protect these families from any harm and help these husbands and wives to love each other unconditionally, setting an example of true love for the upcoming generations in Jesus Name AMEN!

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