Prayer: Hoping For Reconciliation

Dear Heavenly Father,

We lift up to You any relationship that is severed, separated, depressed, or burdened.  There are many couples dealing with such heavy issues such as infidelity, financial insecurity, violence, abuse, or mistrust.  Their hearts are broken in pieces and hope may be dwindling.  We pray that You meet them where they are.  Holy Spirit please comfort them, restore them, fill their hearts with hope for better days.  Strengthen their faith and stir up confidence.  We pray for the abusers, oppressors, liars, cheater, and irresponsible asking that You would humble them, give them understanding, and change them.  Restore these couples and bring newness to their life.  Show them how to rebuild on Your foundation.  We hope and pray for reconciliation and that those who experience a reconnection, would approach life through Your ways, loving and respecting their spouse in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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