Prayer Of The Day – Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our mothers!  You knitted each one of us in our mother’s wombs as they carried us.  Thank you for the courage, the patience, and the endurance our moms had in them to have us.  Thank you also for the gift you have given some of us to have children, to carry them in our womb, to adopt them into our family, to foster them in our home, and to share with them the joy of life.  We pray a special prayer for moms all around the world and moms-to-be, asking that you bless them, strengthen them, fill them with joy, and remind them of their worth!  We also lift up women who have a desire to be a mother, asking that you give them patience and understanding, reveal your will to them Lord.  Thank you for these women, these beautiful, compassionate, wise, and loving women who bring life into this world!  May you bless them in Jesus name AMEN!

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