Prayer: God Thinks I Am Beautiful

Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise your Holy Name!  You are so good, you are so faithful, and you love so extravagantly! You are the Creator of the universe and You created me!  Please help me to view myself as you do… beautiful!  I pray that our culture would begin to turn around and encourage women in what true beauty is!  I pray that we would be blinded to the distorted standards that the media portrays today and instead see myself through your eyes!  Take away the worry and cares that overwhelm my thoughts about aging and trying to look perfect, there is so much more I can tend too and have a positive attitude and thankful heart about.  Forgive me for being self-focused and consumed with my self-image in the wrong way.  Help me to focus on you and my character that you are maturing! Remind me daily that I was made in your image and YOU ARE PERFECT!  Thank you for my body,  my life,  and my heart!  I love you Lord! AMEN!

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