Prayer: Getting Rid Of Debt

Dear Lord,

Thank You for all that You bless us with! Thank You for the simple necessities that You provide daily like food, clothing, and shelter. We are so sorry that many times we rely on our own abilities to get us through each day, instead of running to You! Our ways are not even close to Your ways! Our society claims that their is freedom in debt, but You tell us not to be in debt to anyone, except for the debt of love! We are sorry that we have allowed it to be acceptable to fall into the trap of debt, relying on our ability to pay it back, when the truth is we can’t. And with the debt that has seemed to pile up, please help couples to eliminate it! Give them the passion and motivation to get rid of debt! Send people into their lives that will keep them accountable to being debt free and to always trust in You. I pray that husbands and wives would not fight over finances, but rather submit everything to You and let You guide them and provide for them in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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