Prayer Of The Day : Finding Joy In Marriage

Dear God,

Thank you for marriage.  Thank you that a woman and a man can join in a covenant where they commit to loving each other through thick and thin, good or bad, easy or hard.  Some marriages lose sight of joy, especially when bombarded with really difficult challenges or issues.  Today we pray for joy.  May your Holy Spirit help each one of us find joy in our marriage.  Whether it is a moment of eye contact, touch, laughter, prayer, words spoken, an act of kindness, etc.  There are so many little things that can inspire joy, as long as we become aware of them.  Please open our eyes, open our hearts, and help us to be aware of the small things in our marriage that will fill us with joy.  Thank you for today Lord.  Please show me how I can bless my husband and how I can share joy with him in Jesus name AMEN!

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