Prayer Of The Day – Finding Comfort

Prayer Of The Day – Finding Comfort

Dear Lord,

I lift up my marriage to you. I pray that you would continue to mature our relationship and teach us how to be good to one another. Thank you for the gift of marriage! I pray that you would help me to find my comfort in you Lord. So often I seek fulfillment only in my husband and what he can provide for me. I pray that my heart would change, that I would go to you first, always. You are the only one who can truly fulfill me and comfort me. However, there are times that I need my husband’s loving arms to wrap around me, his tender voice to encourage me, and his love to comfort me. I pray that my husband would be able to provide this for me and I pray I can do the same for him. Help us to put each other’s needs above our own in Jesus name AMEN!

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