Prayer Of The Day – Extinguishing Selfishness

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your goodness and your mercy.  You have done so much in transforming my character to be more like you, yet I know I still have a very long way to go.  I know that I am selfish.  I am aware of it when I request things of my husband, yet fail to serve him like he serves me.  I see it when I manipulate him to get what I want and I see it when I am unsatisfied with life.  I pray against selfishness.  I pray that you would extinguish it from my heart and rewire my mind.  Please help me to serve my husband in a loving way, in a selfless way, in a sacrificial way… a way that is more like you!  Thank you for changing me!  Continue to transform my character in Jesus name AMEN!

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