Prayer: Encouraging Wives Around The World

Dear Lord,

There are so many wives all around the world. Women who have committed to vows of marriage. Women who are all in different situations, enduring different kinds of trials. We lift of them up to You right now. You know each one of them and the fine details of their life. You know their needs and their desires. We pray for them, asking that You fill them with Your Holy Spirit, surround them with Your peace, protect those who need protecting, provide for those who have nothing, comfort those mourning, give confidence to those who doubt, and revive those who have lost all hope. Holy Spirit reveal Yourself to them in powerful ways, giving them strength to fight for their marriages, to get through another day, to fulfill responsibilities, and to rest, strength to just rest in You!  We thank You for each one of their lives, their beautiful and worthy lives in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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