Prayer: Companionship In Marriage

Dear Lord,

Thank You for my best friend, my husband! I love and appreciate him so much! I am in awe of how You have orchestrated our lives. Please continue to guide us through marriage. I pray that we would have a heart to learn more about our relationship and how we can better it. I pray that that our companionship would experience more adventures, share more laughter, inspire more intimacy, and encourage more growth. I want a love that is deep and rich, one that is strong and one that is enduring! Please help my husband and I to lighten up around each other. Give us a sense of humor that joins us together like never before. Help us to be there for each other for confidentiality, transparency and comfort. Remind us everyday that our time on earth is short and that we need to take advantage of every opportunity to love abundantly. Thank You Lord for this gift of companionship in Jesus’ name I pray AMEN!

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