Prayer Of The Day – Blessing Other Wives

Dear Lord,

Being a wife has its challenges. There are so many of us that isolate ourselves, believing the lie that we are alone in our marital struggles. Please help me to remember that there are many wives who may face similar struggles as I do and that we can be an encouragement to each other. Give me the courage to stand for marriage and to stand alongside other wives. Lord I pray that I am a blessing to other wives. Open my eyes to the needs of those around me and show me how I can help, how I can serve, how I can love. I pray that I can use all that you have given me to help other wives as they face marital struggles. I pray that we can be hope to each other, light in a dark world. Holy Spirit I desire to shine brightly, confident in your purpose for my life and my marriage. Use me today to bless another wives and give me the courage to love her in Jesus name AMEN!

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