Prayer: A Good Attitude Goes A Long Way

Dear Lord,

I am sorry. ┬áMy attitude lately has not been expressed with self-control and I know it is overwhelming my husband. I am so sorry. Please transform me Lord. Change my heart and remove the selfish ways in me. Remove the parts of me that think it is ok to treat people negatively, especially my family. I desire to have more self-control in this area. I know that having a good attitude goes a long way in the ripple effects of life. I know that my attitude has an impact on others. I beg You to help me and make me better. I want to reflect the same attitude that Christ has. Instead of rolling my eyes at difficulty, I want to show compassion. Instead of looking downcast, I want to show my joy. And instead of flailing my arms in anger, I want to wrap them around my husband with grace. I ask You to make me a better wife by transforming my attitude in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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