Prayer: A Blessing For Wives

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up wives all around the world today. May You give them peace, anointing them to endure anything that might be trying to take them down. I ask that You would break any chains of bondage that they might be entangled by. Equip them to be strong and confident women who only fear You! Teach us how to be respectful wives, quiet when need to be, yet brave enough to speak up when we need to be. Help us to be dignified women who live according to Your standards, not the world’s. Remind us of our worth and beauty. Whisper to our hearts and mend any brokenness that may be affecting us. May we have joyful attitudes that will create a positive atmosphere and encourage others. Please help us to be diligent today and find favor in Your eyes in Jesus’ name we pray AMEN!

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