Prayer: Wives Recovering From Drug Abuse

Dear Lord,

We humble ourselves before You today. We thank You for Your mercy and abounding grace. We pray for wives all around the world today. May You empower us to love and respect our husbands. We specifically pray for wives who are recovering from being addicted to drugs. May You release them of the bondage they were once in to sin, free them from the desire or dependence of any substance. Holy Spirit satisfy them. Heal their hearts and their bodies from any damage drugs may have caused. Help them to restore relationships that were torn apart because of the drug abuse. Please help their husbands to understand the weight of their struggles, and encourage themĀ  to support, love, and lead their wives unconditionally. May You renew their marriages! We also pray for wives who are currently using drugs. Please reveal Yourself to them in great ways! Remove the drugs from their lives and help them to become sober. We claim Your power in breaking the chains of drug abuse in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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