Prayer Of The Day – When My Husband Doesn’t Listen

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my husband.  I appreciate all that he does to show me his love, to help around the house, to provide for our family, and so much more.  There are times that I get upset with him and frustrated, all because I believe he is not listening to me.  There are moments I am talking and I don’t feel I have his full attention, while other times I ask him to do something and he doesn’t or does but not the way I asked.  When he doesn’t listen I feel under-valued immediately.  Please help me to stop allowing this to stir in my heart.  I need to understand that sometimes my perception of a situation is just that, my perception and not what is really happening.  While other times I need to let go of the control I am clinging to for things to be done on my time and in my way.  Help me to trust my husband more and trust you with my marriage.  In all I pray my husband and I grow in our communication, taking turns talking and listening in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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