Prayer: Building Up Great Friendships

Dear Lord,

Thank You for today and thank You for my life. I value the opportunity You have given to me to be here and I am learning more everyday how to love myself and how to love my husband more. Thank You for being my friend, my Father, my teacher, my Savior, my everything. I pray for the friendships in my life and the friendships that will be! May You help me build them up and make them strong. I understand the importance of community and how much friends really help bless my marriage. Friends encourage, advise, feed, laugh and cry with each other, and I believe You created us for that. Please help me be a good friend to others, especially to my husband. Help me to be aware of people’s needs and equip me to fulfill them as much as possible. Strengthen the friendships I have and protect us from falling apart in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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